Woodworking + Cigars


Coffee and scotch drinking cigar smoker…

of course I love woodworking!

Cigars + Scotch

Cubans… perfect burn, no major flavor changes, and perfect in every other technical. My feelings? Not my favorite smoke. I love a more intense smoke with changing profiles on the palette; but Cubans are certainly the best I’ve had from a technical sense.

My Humidor

It may not look like a lot, but I have over 300 premium cigars in this humidor, alone. I have a secondary desktop humidor which holds 40 right now, but up to 75…

Primary (Audew)

Secondary (Desktop)

My Smokes

La Gloria Cubana

Likely my top 3 smokes.

Man of war

Strong, smooth, great for taking the edge off and relaxing. Perfect burn, small, and packs a punch.

Monte Cristo white

Super smooth killer. This thing will put your ass in your seat. Get some chocolate to take the bite off mid stick.

Monte continued…

I remember this one being stronger than the White series, but super clean smoke.


Nothing better than a gift – and it turned out to be an amazing smoke, going to add it to my regular rotation.

Romeo y Julieta

Romeo Y Julieta’s are some of my favorite smokes.

Baccarat (The Game)

Serious smoker that likes a hint of sweet? This is an amazing stick.


My new found top favorite brand.


Honestly, I don’t try a lot of brands. I’ve tried a few and hated a lot…

My favorite tends to be Glenlivet.