Project Portfolio

Here's a list of projects that I have worked on, either for learning in my labs, with professional clients or for employment.
St Martins Site Tour

St. Martin’s Site Tour, deployed with a full CI/CD pipeline where the dev can ‘git commit’ to a GitHub repo and a mixture of Github actions and S3 bucket policies execute the changes against the S3 Static Website, which is globally distributed with Cloudflare and the Wayback Machine for high-availability.

In July 2022, I deployed my first static site to the IPFS network using Fleek.

Mage Tower Games

In May 2021, my brother Wayne, partner Austin, and I founded in Canon City, CO to bring top-tier gaming to a community of nerds in the mountain. We provide competitive pricing and access to rare finds for MTG, DND, Warhammer, Digital Gaming, 3D printing, and much more.

I created an Admissions Funnel with a multitude of sheets to help automate and measure attrition, retention, enrollment, financial aid, and many other data points.

On top of the admissions dashboarding, I have also developed a 30-tab sheet that collects per-class Annual fund contributions and summarizes the contents into dashboards that are automatically updated as the inputs are entered.