Issue: 003 – Opening Menu Link in New Tab

Opening Menu Link in New Tab The “Notion” menu link opens in the current browser. Overwriting my domain for the Notion weblink that I want users to reference while maintaining an active session on my website. The expected behavior would be for it to open in a new browser window so the technical documents can […]

Mage Tower Games Games, Hobbies, LAN Parties, Game Tournaments and SO much more! You got that right. In Canon City, Colorado Mage Tower is your premier gamer store. We are offering in-store, curbside, and delivery of premium RPG figurines, OE paints, and pre-releases daily. Done with the elevator pitch? Yeah, me too. My brother (Wayne), a buddy […]

AWS Lightsail | VERY SLOW!

Well, I’m ashamed to admit it, but yes, my site has been non-accessible – unless you waited 5-10 minutes for it to SLOWLY LOAD…I host everything on AWS, single vendor, single region, single availability zone. Look, I know.Initially, I thought my system was bogged down due to the service I chose (super cheap instance of […]

Blackbaud Education Management Solutions K12

Blackbaud Education Management Solutions K-12Blackbaud Integration | Google There are two integrations that are critical to effective content delivery from within Blackbaud (onSuite) and streamlining the user login process.  I. Account AccessIn a K-12 environment, students struggle with the constant demand to create user accounts on various platforms and remember those logins. In our org, […]

CDP Neighbor

CDP Neighbor Technology: CDP NeighborWhat does this technology do? CDP Neighbor is used to identify directly connected devices on a Cisco system.  Use case? If you don’t have physical access to an adjacent switch, you can use CDP Neighbor to identify the device on a specific port. Basic Command:#show cdp neighborsFull Command:#show cdp neighbors [ interface { ethernet slot/port […]

Google Cloud | VPN

In this walk-through, I will show you how I configured my own PiVPN for only $0.01 a month! PiVPN on Google Cloud Platform $0.01/month Google Cloud ConsoleCreate a project (‘CloudVPN’)Navigate to ‘VM instances’> Create an instance Linux Server (Free Tier)Instance details Machine Type: F1-micro (1 vCPU, 0.6 GB Memory)Zone: us-central1-aNetwork:    – 1 network interface  […]

Defending Against RYUK Ransomeware

Defending Against RYUK Computer code on a screen with a skull representing a computer virus / malware attack.It has been exactly four weeks since Homeland Security, the National Guard and LA DoE scheduled an emergency phone conference with all Technology Directors in the state of Louisiana.During this briefing, we were informed that 6 school districts […]

Virtual Site Tour

Similar to my “Automated Static Website Pipeline with Github” under the AWS category, I automated the site tour deployment as a static website. Our Site Tour was outsourced to They did an amazing job, you should go check them out. The workflow for this was pretty simple – once I decided to take full ownership of […]

eve | Emulated Virtual Environment – NG

Today, I have Eve-NG configured on the Google Cloud Platform… This ended up being a total waste of time. More about this later (See my GNS3 post).My total cost was roughly $90/month. With me shutting the server down when I didn’t use it, the monthly cost was $20… It became more of a hassle. I […]