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Least Privilege Access Policy Network Segregation in K-12
When reflecting on our systems architecture and security footprint, we came to the realization that our systems were highly exposed to exploits. With modern technologies (Cisco Umbrella, Meraki insights, and Cisco ASA’s we were able to deep dive into the traffic and topology routing. Faculty, Student and Guest machines were able to ping the server VLANs. I decided to pursue a segregated network in congregation with the least privilege access policy across all software platforms. 


  • Not having immediate rights to install software
  • Feeling ‘useless’ or ‘limited’ from not being able to fully control. 
  • Feeling ‘untrusted’ with your computer. 

-How I achieved it with minimal restraint 

  • Customer Service
  • Reinforcing the purpose – safety & security (RYUK happened during our implementation period) 
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