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Google Sheets – Basic Budget

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Here’s a sample document that I use for VERY basic budget management.

It has a dashboard + a ledger.

In my more advanced sheets, I like to incorporate automated credit card reconciliation, dashboarding, and charting!

Here’s a sheet for you to copy:


Further Breakdown:

Department Budget

UPDATE: I have an updated sheet that includes credit card reconciliation, but you need to request it – not public yet.

This is a no-brainer, if you don’t have a departmental budget sheet configured yet, you need to make one! Having your own ledger with notes will help you when fingers start to be pointed, planning for future budget cuts, and general planning overall! Check out the completed sheet here: Management | Budget Sheet

The Ledger (‘data’)

How my columns are configured:

I then have subcategories for almost every column, which I use ‘Data Validation’ to pre-populate the data for each cell based on a list or range of data:

  • Reconciled
    • True, False
  • Given to AP
    • True, False
  • Recurring
    • True, False
  • Payment Type
    • Invoice
    • Credit Card
    • Cash
    • Other
  • Date (Fiscal year order)
    • July, August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June
  • Budget Code
    • I have a lot of codes…
    • So I list them out and use ‘Data Validation’ to select from a range
  • In/Outflow
    • 0.01 (outflow)
    • 0.01 (inflow)
  • Description/Notes
    • No set string, this is manually entered for every transaction
  • Category Tag
    • Repair, Monitor, Screen, Laptop, Keyboard, Soundbar, Projector, TV, Battery, Software, etc…
  • Department Tag
    • GC, LS, MS, US, Advancement, Admissions, Business Office, Head of School, Athletics, Maintenance, etc..

And that’s it! That’s the ledger.

Remember to keep it efficient and clean!


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