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I have been using Synology for 3.5 years now. We trust them with our backups, surveillance app, file storage and cloud sync. Not only is Synology highly affordable, redundant capable, expandable and versatile. To make it clear, we are able to offer enterprise level backups, offsite, offline, and disaster recovery with a two man team and minimal costs.

Let us start at the foundation. Security. Out of box, Synology offers SAML, LDAP, and various sign-on options with multi-factor authentication. Utilizing a FIPS key, you can have enterprise – military grade MFA with easy to remember logins used by the end-user. Couple the login security with an SSL certificate from your root authority and you’ll be set to configure a Quickconnect ID for remote management/sign-ins without increasing your network vulnerabilities with port forwarding built for publicly accessible ports that allow remote access to your box.

The storage options are amazing. You have full RAID capabilities with an easy to navigate interface for managing disk failures, hot swaps, and storage pool allocations. Synology also includes individual disk bay LED indicators.

Package center is one of the best software managers I have ever worked with. Synology has several free offerings published by them and 3rd-party vendors.

  1. Hyper Backup
    1. – used to backup local NAS (File Share) data to remote repositories (Synlology redundancies, Cloud storage offerings, and USB’s)
  2. Cloud Sync
    1. – Similar to Hyper Backup, it’s native purpose is to act like Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox with continuous backups of your local files based on their file level ‘change’ flag updates.
  3. GSuite Active Backup
    1. – For scheduled / continuous backups of G Suite users and their data (Mail, Calendar, Drive, Contacts).
  4. Surveillance Station
    1. – HIGHLY affordable surveillance option with a one-time license purchase model and multi-vendor support that expands monthly.

With the few Synology boxes that we own, the initial capital requirement, for the adoption, costs less than a single month of any one service listed above by a vendor. What do I mean? Lets use Surveillance Station as the example. Surveillance Station had an initial cost of $898 for the hardware (Synology NAS) with 4 HDD’s totally $1,400. Include the cost of licenses for 50 cameras – $2,500. That’s a total adoption cost of $3,900. In previous years, the annual renewal for surveillance software was $3,000-$4,000… We now own the Synology with an expected refresh cycle of 5 years. Potential savings (software licenses only): $13,600 for the life of the hardware.

But that’s not all. There’s additional cost savings because our internal help desk can handle all installations, changes, and management without vendor support. Swapping out a camera, configuring a new one, and managing the file retention policies takes seconds. Vendors have charged $1,200 for a single camera install. With SS’s vast support for multiple vendors, we can purchase the $100 variant and install the hardware ourselves. Total time, less than thirty minutes for a single camera.

This is just one example / reason for utilizing Synology NAS. Their platform has saved my department thousands of dollars over the years – paying for itself by an order of magnitude, if not more.


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