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Google Workspaces – YouTube Approval for Teachers


If you’re enforcing “strict” on your YouTube policies, then you should know that Google has a method to support administrators with controlling content access on a per-need basis too!

In Google Workspace Admin Help center, they document how we, like IT, can approve teachers to “approve” content for students. Here’s that article:


There are two steps to this feature rollout.

  1. Organizational Unit structure

Place your teachers and students in different OU’s. This should be done already, but just in case, make sure that students and teachers are placed in different OU’s. This helps to apply OU-specific policies – like what we are doing today.

2. Mark Teachers with the approval role

Under Apps > Additional Google Services > YouTube, you’ll find the settings to add approvers by OU.

Click on “Permissions” and select the parent OU that you wish to make “approvers”. Make sure that the students are not child-units of the parent OU.

Then, in the YouTube Settings again, select “Content Settings” and “Special Approvers”. This will allow you to approve teachers with the capability to approve videos for the organization.

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