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Block Gaming Sites K-12 Education

Oh the joys of competing with immature minds…

Okay, seriously, these kids are intelligent and often find ways of getting around our content filters.

You can pay for the $12,000/yr content filter, the $4,000 or even use the free Linux distro with installed repositories to blacklist your traffic – and it’s still not enough!

Our most recent trick, or “hack”, as a Google Workspace for Education, we’ve discovered the ability to block urls – explicitly. After one of the kids remarked, “technology can’t block this, it’s a google site”, we quickly jumped on our opportunity to showcase our expertise.

Now hang on a minute, that’s what the fancy content filters do… Incorrect! They block domains, IPs and if you’re lucky, sub-domains.

So now you’re asking, what else is there to block beside countries, traffic types (ports), etc…

Well, the only thing that these pesky game sites are using to get around our filters… Trailing urls. That’s the jumbled mess after the domain name that tells the site where to go within itself.

Most of our offenders are using to host “clicker” games. The problem is, you can’t block, nor can you block because those domains are used on a daily basis. But what you can do is equally easy, free and only takes a little bit of recon.

Log into your admin panel of Google , navigate to your user settings for the student OUs, scroll down to ‘url blocking’ and add to the block list and paste the entire game site that made it through your filters! #checkmate – for now.

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