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St. Martin’s Site Tour


St. Martin’s Episcopal School ( www.stmsaints.com ) needed a self-hosted solution for their Site Tour.

Their Site Tour was outsourced to CircleScapes.com. They did an amazing job, you should go check them out. 

The workflow for this was pretty simple – once I decided to take full ownership of the workflow.

At first, we utilized Blackbaud’s hosting team to publish the site for us. After waiting two weeks for confirmation and deployment, it was finally listed.

By then, we had more updates to push! It took about 3-4 days to get through support before we were given a confirmation that it was published – incorrectly. I’m not blaming anybody, I just think there’s a disconnect between the repositories that they had and the task at hand. 

Either way, I decided to test my automated deployment method to see if I can reduce the time to publish and reduce the amount of time required to communicate our changes with support. 

  1. Edit the code in VS Code (@Code) or any html editor. 
  2. Commit the changes to my Github repository (Github desktop w/ Git)
  3. Push/Commit the change to the repository
  4. Automate the commit from Github repo to S3 with Github Workflows (‘actions’) + an S3 preshared key script.

And that’s it! Our static site was hosted to S3..

Edit 10/1/2021

A few months later I decided to change the hosting provider due to cost ($0.29/month) for using AWS. Honestly, I’m not complaining, but there was a free option with equal performance so I took it.

I decided to use GitHub Pages to be the primary host for our static tour site.

Check it out: Tour.stmsaints.com

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