Homelab | VMWARE (vSphere and vCenter)

For most sysadmins, this is old news. I’ve been focused on Windows Hyper-V for 8 years now, having consolidated 24 physical hosts down to 3 primary Hyper-Visors.

This is a huge deal for an organization of my size! (give me credit, if I can do it for 24, I can do it for 2,400!)

Hyper-V was always my go-to with the simplified replication and native support for the Windows Server OS that I was utilizing on the VMs. However, after all of these years of avoiding vSphere, we are finally here – adjusting to change. These are the reasons why I’m spinning up vSphere in my Homelab:

  1. Hybrid cloud testing. I want to test the native support Google Cloud offers with VMWare environments to mesh on-prem and cloud in a hybrid architecture.
  2. vSphere is lighter on the system resources.
  3. It’s one of the largely used hyper-visors on the market, so I need to test it out.

For those reasons, primarily #2, where my R420 hardware was slowly processing simple requests with the Windows Server 2019 installation, I decided to wipe it and completely move to vSphere.

The hardest part was understanding the difference between vSphere and vCenter. vSphere is the Host OS and vCenter is the orchestrator of multiple Hosts running vSphere.

This is what VMware recommends:


That’s it for now. I’ll continue to update as I expand and migrate my standalone servers to my new hypervisor.

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