Public Domain Name vs Local Domain Name

Are you trying to navigate to but your web page is unresolved? Is your local domain and your public domain? To start, a local domain name should resemble your public domain, but should not be exact. Example: abc.local (local) and (public) If you didn’t have the opportunity to set it up this […] –>

How to migrate to a self-hosted or cloud-hosted website. -this is the problem I faced, and hope that you can use my method to get your past the vice grips of Problem #1 I had a client that wanted to migrate her site from to That’s simple enough, just migrate […]

Block Gaming Sites

Block Gaming Sites K-12 Education Oh the joys of competing with immature minds… Okay, seriously, these kids are intelligent and often find ways of getting around our content filters. You can pay for the $12,000/yr content filter, the $4,000 or even use the free Linux distro with installed repositories to blacklist your traffic – and […]

Deleted Hosted Zone

Did you delete a hosted zone, mainly because you thought you wouldn’t need those files anymore? Well…I did. “When you delete a hosted zone and then put it back, you’re not exactly putting it back. You’re just creating one similar to (but not identical to) the original. So don’t do that. But, since you already did, here’s […]