Issue: 003 – Opening Menu Link in New Tab

Opening Menu Link in New Tab The “Notion” menu link opens in the current browser. Overwriting my domain for the Notion weblink that I want users to reference while maintaining an active session on my website. The expected behavior would be for it to open in a new browser window so the technical documents can […]

AWS Lightsail | VERY SLOW!

Well, I’m ashamed to admit it, but yes, my site has been non-accessible – unless you waited 5-10 minutes for it to SLOWLY LOAD…I host everything on AWS, single vendor, single region, single availability zone. Look, I know.Initially, I thought my system was bogged down due to the service I chose (super cheap instance of […]

Virtual Site Tour

Similar to my “Automated Static Website Pipeline with Github” under the AWS category, I automated the site tour deployment as a static website. Our Site Tour was outsourced to They did an amazing job, you should go check them out. The workflow for this was pretty simple – once I decided to take full ownership of […]