Migrate Google Cloud Resources between Projects

It’s not possible to merge Google Cloud Projects. Sorry, I need to start with that so you don’t waste time. Google Cloud is meant to be structured by organizations and then folders and then projects. Those projects can then be…

OpenVPN On Raspberry Pi Virtually

OpenVPN. There, that’s it. That’s all you need to know. No, seriously though, the installation is almost that brief as well. We used PiVPN (Raspberry Pi – VPN) don’t worry, it took me a minute to understand the name as…

Energy Consumption | Infrastructure

TLDR (efficiently expressed – rhetorically); Reducing infrastructure hardware with virtualization technology and picking energy efficient hardware that ultimately reduced our energy consumption over the last six years. Certainly beating the annual increase on commercial energy costs and giving us insights into…

Week 1 – Unifi for Home

It’s week one in my new house. I have Unifi powering my network with the security gateway, ubiquiti switch and AP Pro. Lots of information to come, but so far, I’m loving the Unifi dashboard and features. Especially the specifics…

Defending Against RYUK

Defending and protecting yourself, your company and data from RYUK ransomware. Recommendations set by Homeland Security, the National guard and the Louisiana Department of Education.

Knowledge Curve

The Knowledge Curve signifies the "possibility" of knowledge if someone were to have consistent and focused study throughout their life versus the typical life long learner that prefers a more sporadic approach - which is provoked by work demands or life changes. There's no shame in learning as you go from a career perspective, but you can change your outlook on learning exponentially by having a more consistent approach to learning.

Google Sheets – Asset Management

Do you need an asset manager? Are you a small/medium organization? Then I have the perfect application for you! It's called Google Sheets.

Seriously, though, if you have any questions - reach out to me.

My sheet covers Asset Management, Repair Logging, Systems and Network logging, and a user dashboard to see which devices a user has assigned to them at any moment and their repair log history. You know, just in case you need to bill them...