CCNP Ch.1 – 5.19.2019

Today, I’m starting my journey for the CCNP v2 R&S.

I’m learning about the different Routing connections (Building Access, Building Distribution, Campus backbones, etc..). I’m glad to know that my campus is actually set up like their suggestions, with the exception of two buildings.

Knowing more, I now see where I may add a building distribution switch to limit the number of fiber connections running back to the core, but also increase feasibility of troubleshooting fewer switches in the long run.

Topics that I need to remember or work on the most:

  • Routing Protocols
    • RIP – Distance-Vector
    • EIGRP (Advanced) Distance-Vector
    • OSPF – Link-State
    • IS-IS – Link-State
    • BGP – Path-Vector

All routing protocols are currently IGP (Interior Gateway Protocols) except for BGP, which is an EGP (Exterior Gateway Protocol).

The second topic that I need to focus on is Split-Horizon and Poison Reverse.

Split-Horizon is the feature that prevents a route learned on one interface from being advertised through the same interface again. (CH.1)

The Poison Reverse feature causes a route received on the same interface to be advertised back out, however, it uses a metric of “infinite“.

The third important technology emphasized in this chapter were the different network traffic types.

  • Unicast – One to One
  • Broadcast – One to Many
  • Multicast – One to Many, but specific
  • Anycast – IPv6 only, assigned to multiple devices for One to Nearest


Official Cert Guide by Kevin Wallace, CCIE No. 7945 for CCNP ROUTE 300-101

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