Issue: 003 – Opening Menu Link in New Tab

Opening Menu Link in New Tab

The “Notion” menu link opens in the current browser. Overwriting my domain for the Notion weblink that I want users to reference while maintaining an active session on my website.

The expected behavior would be for it to open in a new browser window so the technical documents can be viewed at the same time as the ‘Notion’ tab; as Notion is a reference to the primary domain (‘‘).

Here’s a sample of what I need the link to do:

<a href="<>">

Here’s the test environment (FAILED!)

<a href="<>">

What I learned:

WordPress has a top banner bar that allows you to select “screen options”.

From there you need to select “Link Target” under the “Advanced Menu Properties”.

This will then allow you to see the “Open link in a new tab” option.

Boom! It works. Issue resolved & documented.

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