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Today, I have Eve-NG configured on the Google Cloud Platform… This ended up being a total waste of time. More about this later (See my GNS3 post).My total cost was roughly $90/month. With me shutting the server down when I didn’t use it, the monthly cost was $20… It became more of a hassle. I deleted my compute instance and moved on.


I subscribed to INE’s All Access Pass. This was great, because for me, I paid $300(ish) about three years ago for their CCNA class, and this meant that I would have all of their classes for $99/month. I plan to have my employer pick up the tab in the new year if I end up liking the subscription.INE All Access Pass!

If you’re installing Eve-NG on Google Cloud Platform, you may need to use the following:

##Community Edition installation repo commandwget -O – http://www.eve-ng.net/repo/install-eve.sh | bash -i

If you’re like me and pre-installed the pro version, then you’ll need this:

## To roll back from EVE-NG Pro to the Community Edition, issue the following commands in the CLI of EVE

> apt install eve-ng eve-ng-guacamole
> systemctl disable docker
> systemctl disable docker.service
> systemctl stop docker.service
> systemctl disable udhcpd
## Reboot EVEFinally, do not forget about the license files!!https://www.eve-ng.net/documentation/howto-s/62-howto-add-cisco-iou-iol

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